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Greetings to all and WELCOME! My name is Mr. Russ Staggs and I am the Director of Theatre at Loudoun Valley High School. It is my distinct honor to create wonderful art and lasting memories with each and every one of you!

This year, we will be exploring a variety of different theatrical styles and stories. We start the year with an original COMEDY about the Titanic (too soon?) called "That Sinking Feeling: A Titanic Comedy Aboard Three Lifeboats."

Next, we will introduce our first director's festival. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to collaborate on a variety of theatrical works, ranging from children's theatre, to American Realisim, to Absurdism, to Musical Theatre and much, much more!

Finally, we will end the year with our Third Annual Shakespeare Under The Stars! With the support of the Purcellville Arts Commission and the Virginia Commission for the Arts, we have constructed and maintain our very own outdoor stage: a first for any high school in Northern Virginia!

In the midst of those wonderful projects we will also host Open Mic Nights, Improv performances, trips to professional and college theaters, and many exciting and new adventures!

Keep an eye on this site as we will be updating calendars, news, galleries, and other vital information for everyone.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Arts in Loudoun and, most importantly, the continued growth and success of our children!


Russ Staggs, Director

Viking Theatre

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