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Student Drama Board

The Loudoun Valley High School Theatre Department’s Drama Board is a group of student leaders who are responsible for organizing and planning social events within the department, show advertising, producing cast / crew boards, and supporting the broader department by boosting morale and assisting in theatre-related projects, when needed.

2023/2024 Drama Board Members


Bridget McNally (Senior)


Elliana Cruise (Junior)

Social & School Events Coordinator

Elliana Cruise (Junior)

Marketing President

Kate Caling (Junior)

Cappies Representative

Sarah Bader (Sophomore)

Comedy Cult Representative

Ben Demase (Junior)

Greens & Golds Coordinator

Vaughn Mussmon (Senior)

Marketing VP

Victoria Collins (Senior)

Social & School Events Assistant

Eleanor Waldschuetz (Junior)


Dylan Steigerwald (Senior)

Roguen Pricer (Senior)

Sam Baranek (Senior)

Angel O'Brien (Junior)

Abby Landes (Sophomore)

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